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Let’s Set the Record Straight….the Redskins Still Own the REDSKINS Tradmarks

Posted in Counterfeits, Disparaging Marks, Section 2(a), Trademark, Trademark Infringement, Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

Written by: Susan Neuberger Weller The overwhelming public reaction to the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board’s June 18 decision canceling six REDSKINS trademark registrations on grounds that the mark disparaged Native Americans has been impressive. However, news articles, op-ed pieces, informal commentary, and anecdotal stories all evidence wide range confusion about and a misunderstanding… Continue Reading

“REDSKINS” US Trademark Registrations are Canceled for Disparaging Native Americans

Posted in Disparaging Marks, Section 2(a), Trademark, Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

Written By: Susan Neuberger Weller A three-judge panel of the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), for the second time and in a 2-1 decision, has held that the REDSKINS trademark used in connection with professional football and related services by the Washington Redskins National Football League team was disparaging to a substantial composite… Continue Reading

TTAB Refuses to Register “The Slants,” Finding it to be “Disparaging”

Posted in Section 2(a), Trademark, Trademark Prosecution, Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

Written by: Susan Neuberger Weller Racial and ethnic disparagement is a hot topic at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board these days. While a decision is still pending in the latest cancellation action involving the long disputed WASHINGTON REDSKINS professional football team marks, the Board in In re Simon Shiao Tam, recently affirmed a federal… Continue Reading

LINSANITY: The Trademark

Posted in Anticybersquatting, Domain Name, Section 2(a), Section 2(c), Trademark Prosecution

On the heels of recent attempts to trademark a celebrity baby name comes the story of an attempt to obtain trademark protection for the name of a sports celebrity.  Well, a variation of a sport celebrity’s name.  This time, two trademark applications were filed last week for the mark LINSANITY — as in the current craze caused by Jeremy Lin, a player… Continue Reading

BLUE IVY CARTER: What to Get a Child Who Has Everything? A Trademark Registration.

Posted in Intent-To-Use Applications, Section 2(a), Section 2(c), Section 2(d), Trademark, Trademark Prosecution, Uncategorized

Since the birth last month of their first child, Blue Ivy Carter, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are no doubt experiencing the typical joys of first-time parenthood.  Those first looks, smiles and coos.  But they are struggling with at least one parenting issue that most of us don’t have to worry about:  trademark protection for their baby’s name.  Beyoncé’s company, BGK… Continue Reading