Written by Susan Neuberger Weller

In a number of recent cases, individual photographers have successfully sued third parties for unauthorized reproduction and use of photographs, particularly those from stock photography sources. Courts have found third party liability for willful and innocent copyright infringement for the use of individual photographs and have awarded damages to copyright holders based on such conduct. Generally, professional photographers offer their photographs for use by third parties through professional stock photography agencies that negotiate licenses for use of the photos on behalf of the photographer. Continue Reading Just Because You Can Copy It Does Not Mean That You May Copy It

Pinterest, the latest social media craze, announced on Friday night in an email to users that it intended to make certain changes to its Terms Of Service.  The changes will not go into effect until April 6, 2012.  Pinterest has come under fire for allowing (or arguably encouraging) its users to infringe the copyrights of others by posting copyright protected content and/or images on their Pinterest boards without first obtaining permission from copyright owners to do so.  Indeed, Pinterest is all about allowing its users to generate Pinterest content by “shar[ing] beautiful things [users] find on the web.”  With over 10 million unique users and no signs that Pinterest is a passing phase, the copyright issues posed by Pinterest have come front and center.  So what was Pinterest to do? Continue Reading Pinterest Announces Changes To Its Terms Of Service