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Letters of Protest: A Tool To Avoid The “Trademark Bully” Label

Posted in Letters of Protest, Section 2(d), Trademark, Trademark Bullying

Thanks to DuetsBlog for providing an update on the EAT MOR CHIKIN v. EAT MORE KALE dispute that was the subject of our prior post.  As we reported in December, the Trademark Office issued an office action on the pending trademark application for EAT MORE KALE for t-shirts, etc. and determined that “no similar registered or pending marks … would… Continue Reading

Using Online Shame as a Defense to a Trademark Infringement Claim May Not Always Be Effective

Posted in Social Media, Trademark, Trademark Bullying

The Wall Street Journal had a piece recently about how the recipients of trademark infringement cease and desist letters are increasingly using “online shame” to gain leverage in disputes with trademark owners.  As “trademark bullying” is a hot topic among trademark lawyers and in the press, this article picks up on that theme.  It highlights a dispute between a small online cookbook… Continue Reading

PRETZEL CRISPS: The Importance of Evaluating A Trademark’s Strength

Posted in Trademark, Trademark Bullying, Trademark Prosecution

The New York Times had an interesting article about the ongoing dispute between Princeton Vanguard and Frito-Lay over Princeton Vanguard’s attempts to obtain a federal trademark registration for the mark PRETZEL CRISPS.  You know Pretzel Crisps — the thin, crunchy pretzel crackers that seem to go perfectly with any type of dip.  Well, the company that makes Pretzel… Continue Reading